Brooke Bailey Paintings
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flower series

These paintings of supermarket flowers were a response to a six-month long gray winter in Berlin. They were painted out of a very simple motivation: a joy in the flowers' brilliancy and the desire to gaze long at bright color. As the series progressed, I also became fascinated with the formal structure of the plant which I compared with a human body.

Each flower-plant was unique in the shapes it formed, its weight and buoyancy, its posture and way of standing. Each flower also had its own personal way of moving- how it pushed up into the empty space in my paper and chose to fill it, or not. My initial feeling that I was painting still-lives was not quite right, I found, because in the course of two or three days my flowers had totally changed. They had grown, reached up, reached open; then fast as turning they contracted, wilted, descended, and became stiff and still. They were very much like my body, moving and aging and never the same. But also they were not like me. They could not walk from one place to another as I can, but they could extend themselves almost forever, create many limbs whereas I will always have just four, go high in the air and deep in the soil, and create whole towers and mysterious structures of their own bodies, before sinking.

All images, design and writings copyright by Brooke Bailey 2009